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The January issue of Low Cost & Regional Airline Business is now online

Posted on 5 December 2017


The January issue of Low Cost & Regional Airline Business is now online


Winter is here, and in our latest issue we explore how airports are dealing with the frosty conditions, from new de-icing machinery to ‘monster snow plough’ brush blowers. The cold weather may cause disruption, but can spur creativity as well, with some airports even making use of the snow as a natural coolant.

London City will be the first airport in the UK to host a digital air traffic control tower. Sensory data from 360° HD cameras and radars mounted on a newly-built tower will be fed into a panoramic screen display at a remote location. The seamless live stream will reportedly allow controllers increased efficiency and situational awareness.

Sales of the A320neo continue to go from strength to strength, best expressed by the colossal order from Indigo Partners at the Dubai Airshow, effectively doubling their commitment to 857 aircraft. Join us for a look at how the LEAP-1A and PW1100G-JM engines have been performing on the darling of the low cost carrier market.


Other articles in this issue include:


Asia abound:
As growing disposable income buoys future airliner production, Asia’s prospects seem positively ascendant. However, the recent Association of Asia Pacific Airlines conference cautioned that measures must be taken, if infrastructure is to keep up with growth


Plane flying:
The digitisation of the industry is increasingly affecting navigation, with real-time meteorological data allowing for more informed, dynamic flight planning. The advent of inflight connectivity is also permitting pilots to access briefing information previously only available on the ground


The retired Dutchman:
The Fokker 100, long seen as a robust, cheap alternative to its more modern, efficient rivals, is facing a slow retirement, with almost fifty units languishing in storage. Despite this, the aircraft boasts healthy technical support, and remains popular amongst start-ups and FIFO charter operators


Paying fare:
Passengers benefited from the air fare war which gripped the industry in 2017, but airlines have been left scrambling to recoup their losses. From ancillary revenue sources to smart software which monitors consumers’ buying habits, our writers explore the future of data-driven pricing


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