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Kazakh can do
Air Astana is developing its MRO capabilities in anticipation of new aircraft types. Ian Harbison reports from Astana
On demand
Phones in flight mean work in the hangar for the STS Mod Center. Ian Harbison reports
Bridging the gap
A new location has pulled together the repair network of Ontic and is offering new possibilities. Ian Harbison reports
Canadian phoenix
AJW Technique has emerged from the ashes of Air Canada Technical Services and Aveos to become an important player in the international component repair market. Ian Harbison reports from Montreal
Moving markets
Airlines are looking to further decrease their financial commitments for spares and repairs
Future proofing
AAR is taking proactive steps to ensure that it has a steady stream of new recruits joining its MRO facilities. Ian Harbison reports
Reputable regional
After almost three decades in airline service, the CF34 remains a cornerstone of regional routes, as Paul E Eden finds
Practice of evolution
Keeping the A330 family of aircraft flying, including the neo, has seen steady progress in escalating maintenance intervals, to the benefit of airlines. Ian Goold reports
Kind of blue
Launching a new cabin for a new airline produced challenges for AFI KLM E&M as Air France launched Joon, a new style of operation
REVIMA revitalised
REVIMA has reorganised and rebranded, and is looking at future expansion, as Ian Harbison discovers