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Q&A: At the leading edge – James Bennett
We speak to James Bennett, Director – Sales and Marketing at AerFin
Q&A: At the leading edge – James Bennett
We speak to James Bennett, Director – Sales and Marketing at AerFin
Composite core
There are few cabin spaces where composite structures have yet to find their place, from galleys and other thermally challenging environments, to pearlescent or metallic-effect seat components and the largest, most complex ceiling panels, as Paul E Eden reveals
Waiting under the wings
AAR Landing Gear Services is using its long experience to find success in the international MRO market and is anticipating an increase in activity
Stopping power
MRO for wheels and brakes is simple but it can generate high volumes of work. Ian Harbison spoke to two facilities with a different approach
Counting washers
Keeping just enough stock available for use at the right time is the major challenge of inventory management. Paul E. Eden discovers how the industry copes with the complex issues of parts control
Copy shop
3D printing technology appears well situated to generate significant efficiencies in the aircraft technology supply chain, in particular within the aftermarket business relating to parts that may be out of stock or discontinued. Mario Pierobon finds out more
Scrapheap challenge
A few years ago, aircraft dismantling was seen as an environmentally friendly practice. More recently, it has become something of a free for all as companies have dived into what is seen as a lucrative source of revenue. Ian Harbison talks to some of the key players
Breaking good
Air Salvage International is one of the longest established specialists in aircraft dismantling and spares recovery. Now, it is using its experience to diversify into other areas. Ian Harbison reports from Kemble
Cover story
The parts most commonly changed on an aircraft are seat covers, as Phil Francis, Business Development Manager at Airbase Interiors, told the Cabin Refurbishment & Repair Conference