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Editorial comment - March 2017
Will 2017 be a year of change? Acquisitions, mergers, MoUs and joint ventures have occurred at regular intervals in the last few months.
Package deal
Passenger to cargo conversions are thriving, with high demand but some technical issues standing in the way. Ian Harbison spoke to some of the main players
Don’t complicate compliance
Solutions to compliance challenges should support engineers in the field, not hinder them, says Tim Rushent
Sunny skies
The airline industry is enjoying a boom and, with more aircraft flying, there is more need for maintenance, says Michael Howard, Principal – Aerospace & MRO Advisory at ICF International
ERP has become an essential coordination and reporting tool, but are dedicated ERP systems optimal in MRO applications? Paul E Eden discovers that there might be a better way
Turbo cargo
Regional turboprop aircraft are finding a market as freighters. Ian Harbison reviews some of the latest conversion projects
The Lithuanian government has a plan to grow the aviation MRO industry in the country as part of an ambitious programme to develop the national infrastructure. Ian Harbison reports
Supporting C Series
After lengthy development delays, Bombardier finally has its new aircraft in service. Now comes the need to activate the plans to keep it flying reliably, says Mario Peirobon
Editorial comment - Sept 2016
Be sure not to miss the third Aircraft Cabin Maintenance Conference at Heathrow on 29 November. This year's line up includes Diehl, easyJet, SR Technics and many more
Keep them flying
Fast reaction times and meticulous planning are required to get an aircraft back in the air. The challenges can vary by location, size and severity, as Ian Harbison discovers