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Trade-offs in trading
Leasing aircraft often seems an easy option but care needs to be taken. Mario Pierobon reports
Break & broker
AerFin is moving from disassembly to fleet management
Composite core
There are few cabin spaces where composite structures have yet to find their place, from galleys and other thermally challenging environments, to pearlescent or metallic-effect seat components and the largest, most complex ceiling panels, as Paul E Eden reveals
Number crunching
The use of big data has matured to the point where analytical services are being offered that allow predictive maintenance. Mario Pierobon reports
On track
After development problems, the Bombardier C Series seems to have settled into routine airline service, says Mario Pierobon
Under wraps
Through composite material repairs, LRU equipment testing and rectification, and through-life maintenance programmes, engine nacelle MRO requires competencies across multiple domains, involving complex systems that contribute to the efficiency of the aircraft and engine. Paul E Eden assesses the state of the market
Helping hand
Embraer is devoting time and effort to beef up its customer support services
Waiting under the wings
AAR Landing Gear Services is using its long experience to find success in the international MRO market and is anticipating an increase in activity
Don’t complicate compliance
Solutions to compliance challenges should support engineers in the field, not hinder them, says Tim Rushent
ERP has become an essential coordination and reporting tool, but are dedicated ERP systems optimal in MRO applications? Paul E Eden discovers that there might be a better way