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Green and blue
When Hi Fly recently took delivery of an ex-Singapore Airlines A380, it was an excellent opportunity to use the aircraft as a billboard to highlight the Save the Coral Reefs environmental campaign
Reach for the skies
For a number of years now, one of the main topics of conversation in aircraft painting has been the effect of European Union regulation on REACH
Sticking point
Decals can sometimes provide an alternative to paint, either for short-term promotional campaigns or to rapidly introduce a new livery, Adhetec is a specialist in this area with its Adhecal material
Finishing touch
Having a paint facility is essential for an MRO aiming to be a ‘one stop shop’, as Etihad Airways Engineering discovered
Cover up
There are different requirements for paint systems on the production line and in a maintenance facility. Ian Harbison investigates
A touch of colour
Paint plays an important role in cabin finishing, as a protective coating, aesthetic solution and even as a mood setter. Now, through the latest technologies, a variety of new, textured and special effects coatings is available, adding colour in an exciting, durable and efficient extension to the cabin designers’ palette. Paul E Eden reports
Composite core
There are few cabin spaces where composite structures have yet to find their place, from galleys and other thermally challenging environments, to pearlescent or metallic-effect seat components and the largest, most complex ceiling panels, as Paul E Eden reveals
Painting school
High quality paint finishes can only be achieved by skilled personnel, making training an important part of the process
Rainbow coalition
IAC is a combination of paint companies on both sides of the Atlantic that is keeping busy and looking to expand further
Splashing out
MAAS Aviation is rapidly increasing its paint bay capacity, both for third-party work and to support Airbus new build aircraft. Ian Harbison reports