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Contained, comprehensive care
Bernie Baldwin reports on the range of nacelle support service from OEMs and third party MRO providers
34 = 25
GE Aviation is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its CF34 turbofan’s entry into service, an engine that helped change the world of regional airline operations. Ian Harbison spoke to the OEM and MTU Maintenance
Under wraps
Through composite material repairs, LRU equipment testing and rectification, and through-life maintenance programmes, engine nacelle MRO requires competencies across multiple domains, involving complex systems that contribute to the efficiency of the aircraft and engine. Paul E Eden assesses the state of the market
Power packs
Today, the proportion of nacelle MRO work carried out by nacelle manufacturers is rising, says George Marsh
Power packs
The nacelle repair business is undergoing a transformation. Customers with older aircraft expect flexibility, while newer aircraft need different repair philosophies entirely
Open & shut
Lufthansa Technik has established itself as a major MRO player for nacelles and thrust reversers and is looking to expand the business further as the next generation of aircraft arrive in service. Ian Harbison reports
All change with product evolution
Aircraft engine nacelles are constantly evolving, and so is the business of maintaining them. George Marsh reports