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Editorial comment - December 2018
As MRO Management ends its twentieth year of publication, and the holiday season approaches, the industry seems to be in good shape
Maintaining balance
Bernie Baldwin reports on the task that logistics providers have to tackle to ensure that airlines do not pay the cost of weak links in the supply chain
Keep on going
It is 32 years since the ATR family entered service but the aircraft are still going strong and remain in production, making product support a necessity for the manufacturer. Ian Harbison reports from Toulouse
Sizing up
Budget airlines are encroaching on the traditional territory of full service carriers while getting cheaper funding from banks. David Carruthers, Head of Research at Credit Benchmark, analyses the implications
Extension lead
Nearly 30 years after the A320 entered service, Airbus is preparing to publish maintenance tasks for the latest neo variant, while further optimising requirements for established models. Ian Goold reports
Editorial comment - March 2017
Will 2017 be a year of change? Acquisitions, mergers, MoUs and joint ventures have occurred at regular intervals in the last few months.
Growing pains
A rapidly expanding MRO industry is failing to attract enough new entrants to match demand. Mario Pierobon spoke to some leading players about the challenges they face
Care packages
Customer demands are changing the way OEMs offer their support services. Ian Harbison spoke to Boeing and Rockwell Collins about how they are responding to their customers
Don’t complicate compliance
Solutions to compliance challenges should support engineers in the field, not hinder them, says Tim Rushent
Sunny skies
The airline industry is enjoying a boom and, with more aircraft flying, there is more need for maintenance, says Michael Howard, Principal – Aerospace & MRO Advisory at ICF International