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Adding flexibility
Lufthansa Technik Maintenance International is changing its business model to meet market needs
Going for growth
LORD is expanding into the Americas with its repair services, but is looking into other avenues as well
Light box
Butzbach Doors and Façades became something of a specialist in upgrading hangar doors in 2016, with projects throughout Europe
Under wraps
Through composite material repairs, LRU equipment testing and rectification, and through-life maintenance programmes, engine nacelle MRO requires competencies across multiple domains, involving complex systems that contribute to the efficiency of the aircraft and engine. Paul E Eden assesses the state of the market
Platform for change
GKN Aerospace’s Fokker business unit is facilitating an online community for buyers and sellers of aircraft modifications. Ian Harbison finds out more about ModStore
Checking, fixing and training
Looking at maintenance operations, Paul E Eden examines the work of two major players in discovering a complex mix of requirements and a need for constant training
Boeing going
As Lufthansa German Airlines retires its last Boeing 737 and the airframe manufacturer prepares to run down production, Ian Goold finds there is plenty of capacity to meet increasing demand for heavy maintenance
Waiting under the wings
AAR Landing Gear Services is using its long experience to find success in the international MRO market and is anticipating an increase in activity
Sunny skies
The airline industry is enjoying a boom and, with more aircraft flying, there is more need for maintenance, says Michael Howard, Principal – Aerospace & MRO Advisory at ICF International
ERP has become an essential coordination and reporting tool, but are dedicated ERP systems optimal in MRO applications? Paul E Eden discovers that there might be a better way