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Gear change
MGT has found a successful niche business in the supply of landing gear components
Landing gear maintenance
When it comes to maintaining landing gear, skill shortages are a significant challenge currently being experienced by MRO organisations in the context of a growing industry, as Mario Pierobon discovers
Keeping them flying
AAR has had a busy year with its component support business, expanding its facilities worldwide to keep close to a growing customer base. Ian Harbison reports
Waiting under the wings
AAR Landing Gear Services is using its long experience to find success in the international MRO market and is anticipating an increase in activity
Top gear
Lufthansa Technik Landing Gear Services UK has developed a successful overhaul business just a short distance from London Heathrow. Ian Harbison reports
Not leaving them legless
With an ever increasing number of aircraft types in the air, landing gear aftermarket MRO services have evolved to include exchange, lease or loan, and even a combination of all three. George Marsh reports on how this approach has been designed to keep vital maintenance times at a minimum
Three greens
The landing gear MRO market traditionally follows aircraft delivery cycles and should be set for growth. Ian Harbison checked with four leading MRO providers
Standing firm
The market for landing gear MRO is changing as older aircraft leave service and newer types appear on the horizon. Ian Harbison spoke to three of the main players