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No magic answer
With the MRO industry facing labour shortages, recruiting young people is becoming ever more important but, says George Marsh, some obstacles still block the way
Fitting the bill
Finding suitable candidates for an MRO job should go beyond technical capabilities, says Mario Pierobon
Safety first
Some of the defining features for MRO within the aviation industry are the thorough regulations, specifically from a safety point of view. Mario Pierobon reports on the importance of ensuring all maintenance meets an exacting standard
Airbus at your service
Airbus Customer Services employs almost 5,000 people to provide aftermarket support, ranging from technical and spare parts to aircraft upgrades or crew and personnel training. Ian Goold investigates their myriad activities, which include support for A300s that are almost 40 years old, through to the latest A350s just entering service
Training for maintaining
Making a virtue of necessity is a management strategy that can fit well with MRO training. George Marsh investigates
Putting people first
Helping staff to better understand their working environment and the sometimes subtle pressures that affect their well-being can have a beneficial effect on accident rates