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Taking stock
Valuable inventory has to be carefully managed for regulatory, financial and operational reasons. Mario Pierobon investigates
Supply chain management
DHL Supply Chain has recently won two supply chain management contracts in the airline and MRO space, and sees further opportunities as requirements change in the future
Value not price
Aircraft require major capital investments and must be evaluated and managed from their initial purchase through their lifecycle, in order to maximise their investment potential. Mario Pierobon looks at the specialised technical and financial management expertise required
Sum of the parts
AJW is best known as a spares supplier but the group’s activities go far beyond that and are changing with the market. Ian Harbison visited the company’s headquarters near London-Gatwick to find out more
ERP has become an essential coordination and reporting tool, but are dedicated ERP systems optimal in MRO applications? Paul E Eden discovers that there might be a better way
Counting washers
Keeping just enough stock available for use at the right time is the major challenge of inventory management. Paul E. Eden discovers how the industry copes with the complex issues of parts control
Keeping the fleet flying
Beyond Fleet Services, a new joint venture between SR Technics and AerFin, is aimed at operators, lessors and lessees of Airbus A340-200/300 aircraft. Ian Harbison reports
Scrapheap challenge
A few years ago, aircraft dismantling was seen as an environmentally friendly practice. More recently, it has become something of a free for all as companies have dived into what is seen as a lucrative source of revenue. Ian Harbison talks to some of the key players
Breaking good
Air Salvage International is one of the longest established specialists in aircraft dismantling and spares recovery. Now, it is using its experience to diversify into other areas. Ian Harbison reports from Kemble
Taking control, one part at a time
Ready parts availability and efficient supply are essential to airline and MRO businesses, which typically interact with parts distributors through industry standard portals. But as Paul E. Eden discovers, a great deal remains to be done to improve integration between suppliers, repairers and specialist parts distributors