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Integrating IT
After decades of data disintegration, the airline MRO industry has come to a point where data sources are consistent, meaning all data is more or less accessible through one single platform, but there are still some airline environments where different databases and subsystems are being used, as Mario Pierobon finds
Joined up thinking
Enterprise resource planning is key in the domain of aircraft maintenance, as Mario Pierobon finds
Forward look
Aerogility, an advanced planning system, is helping easyJet to accurately forecast its future fleet maintenance requirements. Ian Harbison reports
Number crunching
The use of big data has matured to the point where analytical services are being offered that allow predictive maintenance. Mario Pierobon reports
Number crunching
There is an ever-increasing amount of data being made available from aircraft and their systems. Turning it into useful information that helps their customers is a new challenge for MRO providers
Don’t complicate compliance
Solutions to compliance challenges should support engineers in the field, not hinder them, says Tim Rushent
ERP has become an essential coordination and reporting tool, but are dedicated ERP systems optimal in MRO applications? Paul E Eden discovers that there might be a better way
You talking to me
A new voice recognition system is helping Lufthansa Technik streamline some of its processes. Ian Harbison discovers how
Front line
Panasonic Technical Services uses an airside base to respond to the inflight entertainment and connectivity needs of its airline customers. Ian Harbison reports from London Heathrow
Clouds, consolidation and integration
With facilities typically spread between several locations, accurate integrated IT solutions are vital to efficient MRO operations. As Paul E. Eden discovers, enterprise resource planning can bring transparency across a business