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Only connect
iCabin is a collaborative project to create a networked intelligent aircraft cabin, announced at AIX 2018. Ian Harbison reports
Easy e-enablement
As connectivity migrates from the passengers to the crew, there are a number of useful lessons that can ease the process of e-enablement, says Chad Gill
Space for growth
Airline passengers’ hunger for bandwidth has led to an explosion in demand for satellite space, as Kerry Reals discovers
Number crunching
The use of big data has matured to the point where analytical services are being offered that allow predictive maintenance. Mario Pierobon reports
Data to go
Cathay Pacific is introducing enhanced e-enablement on its fleet to deliver operational benefits for maintenance and cabin crew
ERP has become an essential coordination and reporting tool, but are dedicated ERP systems optimal in MRO applications? Paul E Eden discovers that there might be a better way
Front line
Panasonic Technical Services uses an airside base to respond to the inflight entertainment and connectivity needs of its airline customers. Ian Harbison reports from London Heathrow
Form meets function
In early December, Air Transport Publications held the inaugural Aircraft Cabin Maintenance Conference at London Heathrow. The Chairman, Ian Harbison, reviews some of the highlights from the day’s proceedings