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Value proposition
Airlines and lessors have various ways of ensuring that the residual value of their aircraft is maintained at the highest level. Mario Pierobon reports
Cutting edge
Airbus is using its Airbus A340-300 prototype to investigate laminar flow wing sections as part of the BLADE project. Ian Harbison reports from Tarbes
Break & broker
AerFin is moving from disassembly to fleet management
Composite core
There are few cabin spaces where composite structures have yet to find their place, from galleys and other thermally challenging environments, to pearlescent or metallic-effect seat components and the largest, most complex ceiling panels, as Paul E Eden reveals
Light box
Butzbach Doors and Façades became something of a specialist in upgrading hangar doors in 2016, with projects throughout Europe
Number crunching
The use of big data has matured to the point where analytical services are being offered that allow predictive maintenance. Mario Pierobon reports
On track
After development problems, the Bombardier C Series seems to have settled into routine airline service, says Mario Pierobon
Steady climb
Turkish Technic has found new capacity to deal with the parent airline’s growing fleet and the third party market. Ian Harbison reports from Istanbul
Keep on going
It is 32 years since the ATR family entered service but the aircraft are still going strong and remain in production, making product support a necessity for the manufacturer. Ian Harbison reports from Toulouse
Value not price
Aircraft require major capital investments and must be evaluated and managed from their initial purchase through their lifecycle, in order to maximise their investment potential. Mario Pierobon looks at the specialised technical and financial management expertise required