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Editor's note – April 2019
That well known Spring migratory route is opening up again, as the industry descends on Hamburg for what will be the 20th Aircraft Interiors Expo.
Editorial comment - March 2019
We are pleased to announce the launch of the Predictive Aircraft Maintenance Conference on 11 June at The Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel, London Heathrow
The final countdown
Safety drives aviation but time is running out to fit ADS-B to a multitude of aircraft, according to David Shilliday, Vice President – Airlines, EMEAI at Honeywell Aerospace
Spreading the load
Having started to use Aerogility’s multi-agent software to plan hangar slots for heavy maintenance visits, easyJet has now extended use of the system to cover landing gear and engine overhauls. Ian Harbison reports
Integrating IT
After decades of data disintegration, the airline MRO industry has come to a point where data sources are consistent, meaning all data is more or less accessible through one single platform, but there are still some airline environments where different databases and subsystems are being used, as Mario Pierobon finds
Maintaining asset value
Asset managers play a key role between the owner and operator of a leased aircraft, particularly in ensuring that the asset is airworthy, as Bernie Baldwin reports
Kazakh can do
Air Astana is developing its MRO capabilities in anticipation of new aircraft types. Ian Harbison reports from Astana
On demand
Phones in flight mean work in the hangar for the STS Mod Center. Ian Harbison reports
Bridging the gap
A new location has pulled together the repair network of Ontic and is offering new possibilities. Ian Harbison reports
Canadian phoenix
AJW Technique has emerged from the ashes of Air Canada Technical Services and Aveos to become an important player in the international component repair market. Ian Harbison reports from Montreal