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Current affairs
Within aircraft cabins, electrical and electronic systems are contributing to improving the passenger experience, thanks to technological advancements, as Mario Pierobon finds
Looking good
The landing gear business is buoyant for REVIMA. Ian Harbison reports
Editorial Comment - June 2019
A recurring theme in recent years has been the shortage of new recruits as technicians and engineers, especially in North America and Europe.
Group effort
A group of significant players in the aviation industry are cooperating to form a new alliance in the field of aircraft modification
Expansion all areas
Success has enabled S7 Technics to grow its portfolio across a wide range of activities, increasing aircraft types for maintenance as well as subsidiary services. It is also improving efficiencies
Gear change
MGT has found a successful niche business in the supply of landing gear components
A different look at HD
AFI KLM E&M has just completed a Boeing 777 cabin retrofit for Azur Air. Ian Harbison reports
Minimising the MAX effect
The demand for MRO of the Boeing 737 family is huge, but how have recent events affected the market? Bernie Baldwin caught up with one consultancy to find some answer
Winning ways
This year’s Aerospace Maintenance Competition saw 82 teams from around the world compete for the William F ‘Bill’ O’Brien Award for Excellence in Aircraft Maintenance
MRO training
Training in a maintenance environment requires both hands-on practical training and ensuring it is conducted in a safe environment with a safe aircraft system, as Mario Pierobon finds