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Cargo spotlight - 14 June 2018

DoKaSch: Premium pharma containers for temperature-sensitive pharma

Remember the famous TV ad from the 1990s: a driver tells his wife that he is late due to his car having a glitch.

Cargo spotlight - 31 October 2017

Ethiopian to acquire CEIV certification

Ethiopian’s strategy is to enhance its pharma shipping through investment in the latest cold chain technology and by joining the IATA CEIV Pharma certification programme, demonstrating the airline’s commitment to meet the quality service expectations of its customers

Cargo spotlight - 28 July 2017

Amerijet ships live animals with care

From alpacas to zebras and everything in between air is the most reliable and safest way to transport animals over long distances. For Amerijet International, Inc., a Miami-based all-cargo carrier that ships live animals, the coordination and handling of a range of live animals is routine.  Amerijet is a leading carrier and go-to specialist serving the live animal market with more than 40 years of experience.

Cargo spotlight - 17 April 2017

Amerijet freighters serve heavyweight market

Since its start in 1974 with one leased aircraft, all-cargo carrier Amerijet International, Inc, has been serving the heavyweight market. The Miami-based freighter operator soon began scheduled service and by the 1990s, had expanded into Mexico, the Caribbean and South America.

Cargo spotlight - 4 August 2016

Amerijet: your trusted partner in the shipment of temperature-controlled cargo

Global suppliers need partners like Amerijet who can provide temperature-controlled transportation with the appropriate infrastructure to store and handle time-sensitive shipments.

Cargo spotlight - 9 February 2016

Amerijet: Recognised leader in the transportation of hazardous materials and perishables

Choosing an experienced, qualified hazardous materials and perishables transportation partner is of paramount importance in ensuring that your products will get to their destination safely and on time.

Cargo spotlight - 26 October 2015

Safe shipping for all types of animals with Amerijet

Animals and personal pets have been transported by air since the early 1930's. With over 30 years of experience in transporting live animals, Amerijet’s primary objective is to provide the utmost care for your animals on the ground and in the air.

Cargo spotlight - 2 October 2015

Volga-Dnepr builds presence in Russian market

Volga-Dnepr Group’s growing 3PL logistics division in Russia and the CIS has organised the delivery of over 190 tons of shipments for project engineering company Telekom-Zapad.

Cargo spotlight - 21 September 2015

Qatar Airways Cargo sends aid

Qatar Airways Cargo has teamed up with English actress and philanthropist Joanna Lumley to help transport 5.3 tonnes of aid from the UK to earthquake victims in Nepal, all free of charge.

Cargo spotlight - 24 August 2015

Schiphol ‘Milk Run’ set to optimise supply chain and cut CO2

An innovative partnership project between members of the Schiphol logistics community, organised by the steering committee forwarders of Air Cargo Netherlands, aims to optimise the inbound supply chain at Schiphol and reduce C02 emissions.