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Lufthansa Cargo founds heyworld

Cross-border online trade continues to grow inexorably. As one of the world’s leading cargo airlines, Lufthansa Cargo traditionally offers outstanding transport solutions for the airmail sector as a whole and in the classic air freight business. However, ongoing digitization has resulted in new standards with multiple layers, especially in the e-commerce segment, that go beyond the conventional core business of a cargo airline.


Lufthansa Cargo has founded “heyworld” in order to offer custom solutions from a single source to meet these requirements in the future. As a wholly-owned subsidiary based in Frankfurt am Main, heyworld will focus fully on the needs of the e-commerce industry. Its services, in the form of configurable, transparent and reliable transport solutions, will be especially designed for online retailers, digital marketplaces, online shop operators and forwarders.

“We have clearly identified the new customer requirements and developed an additional transport offering for online retailers,” said Stefan Frankenhauser, Head of Product & Service Development at Lufthansa Cargo. heyworld will offer a modular service portfolio characterized by convenient access, fast transport times, a high level of reliability, simple customs clearance, end-to-end shipment tracking and pricing at package level. It will embed Lufthansa Cargo’s conventional airport-to-airport air cargo services into its transport solutions and integrate optional services, such as first- and last-mile transfers and handling add-ons.


“By establishing heyworld, we are creating a simple and reliable transport solution for the e-commerce sector,” said Peter Gerber, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Lufthansa Cargo. “With our dynamic team of experienced logisticians and retail experts, we will be able to create the best transport solutions for cross-border online trade,” said Timo Schamber, Managing Director of heyworld GmbH.


The heyworld offering is now available to customers. For more information, please check the website or email for tailored advice.


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