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Air Europa launches Air Europa Cargo
From 1st November 2018, Air Europa will introduce a brand new air-freight service, in a move to improve the service offered to customers and further promote the Air Europa brand.
Previously outsourced, with the introduction of a new department Air Europa Cargo, the airline will now directly manage a network of air cargo terminals and handling agents through the bases it operates from. Air Europa hope that this new direction will provide new commercial opportunities and also provide customers with a guarantee of service quality.
To facilitate the new service, Air Europa Cargo has selected a number of professional and experienced handling and sales agents based across a global network of cargo terminals. The Latin American specialists have also developed partnerships with other air companies to increase their distribution network and ensure the seamless transport of goods throughout the entire world.
To offer a high quality, adaptive service to customers, the airline has adapted their cargo holds to meet the necessary requirements for transporting temperature sensitive goods, such a fruit, pharmaceutical products and animals. The freight service will be personalised for each dispatch and ensure the highest level of customer service.  


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