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Single aisle please
Jon Whaley, IBA’s Freight Analyst, explores the fleet composition, market share and growth opportunities for the P2F market and analyses what the narrowbody freighter landscape will look like in 2037
Leading lights - Duncan Watson, Worldwide Flight Services
Duncan joined Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) as Vice President – Group Commercial Cargo in November, reporting to WFS’ Group Chief Commercial Officer, Barry Nassberg. Based at the company’s head office in Roissy, Paris, Duncan’s 30-year career has also included 18 years at DHL with local, regional and global commercial responsibilities and 11 years with Emirates Airline, ultimately holding the post of Vice President, Cargo Commercial Operations, based in Dubai, responsible for the airline’s cargo operations and commercial activities across the Americas, Africa and the Middle East.
Big up, for ULD technologies
It’s rather fascinating to learn how far ULD technology has come compared to just a few decades ago
Digital transformation
The air cargo industry is showing increased interest in digital booking platforms. Considering the slow pace of digitisation in air freight, Keith Mwanalushi speaks to Oliver T. Neumann, co-founder of, about bringing digital change to the market
Canine detection
North American authorities are embracing canine screening by certified private providers. Ian Putzger examines how the programme is unfolding, as well as other technologies in the air cargo screening market
Special agents
The traditional role of cargo sales agents has undergone significant change over the years, with operators expecting much more than just to sell cargo space. Keith Mwanalushi talks to some of the key players involved
Belly weight
Satu Dahl examines the market to analyse trends and bellyhold opportunities for long haul low cost carriers such as Norwegian, as well as the innovative systems protecting belly cargo
Signed, sealed, delivered
Revitalised by e-commerce, air mail is growing, as are demands on carriers to invest in new processing technologies, but given the low margins, is the expense justifiable? Ian Putzger asks
Packing a punch
Delicate cargoes and pharmaceutical products must arrive at their destination in one piece, and therefore packaging systems are critical to ensure their safe delivery. Stan Abbott looks closer at the packaging market
Forward thinking
Cargo airlines may be increasingly tempted to trim costs by trying to cut out the freight forwarder ‘middleman’. But is this really a viable strategy when seeking to apply easy theory to a complex real world? Stan Abbott seeks out the forwarders’ perspective