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Editor's letter
Trade tensions weigh heavily on air freight
Qatar Airways cargo- flying Pharma
The chill zone
Major developments at Vienna International Airport are designed to ensure the Austrian capital’s hub is ideally placed to deliver optimum transit of valuable cargo, especially time and temperature sensitive shipments, as Stan Abbott finds
Transpacific headwinds
Air carriers have been caught in a crossfire of a United States and China trade war. Ian Putzger looks at the implications for the Transpacific freight market
More than shipping
Embracing new innovations and technology is at the forefront of the cool chain sector. Keith Mwanalushi asks how the temperature-controlled container industry is responding to the ever-demanding pharma supply chain
Raising the game
Carriers are burnishing their animal care credentials in a high-yielding growth sector. Ian Putzger speaks to some key players about the current environment for animal cargo
East meets West
With a rapidly growing route network in the Europe–Asia market, Finnair Cargo is a growing player in global air freight. Satu Dahl speaks with Fredrik Wildtgrube, Head of Global Sales at Finnair Cargo, to get more insight into the carrier’s strategy for success
Growing pains
E-commerce has given a massive boost to air cargo traffic and is the biggest factor behind the capacity glut that left a scramble for lift, and now air cargo logistics providers need to adapt to meet demand as Keith Mwanalushi finds
Dominic Kennedy, Managing Director of Virgin Atlantic Cargo
Dominic was promoted to Managing Director of Virgin Atlantic Cargo in August 2017. He has been a key member of the airline’s cargo leadership team since 2008
The digital momentum
The digitisation of air cargo processes continues across the industry. Keith Mwanalushi monitors some ongoing digital transformations