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Editor's Comment
The Editorial Comment in the January 2019 issue looked at the opportunities and challenges presented by the long range of the Airbus A321LR. The manufacturer has just upped the ante with the A321XLR, which can push out to 4,700nm, with flight times around nine to ten hours. This makes passenger wellbeing even more of a priority, especially in high density configurations.
Opportunity knocks
The regional aircraft leasing scene continues to provide some opportunities amid a very tight marketplace. Alan Dron speaks to the lessors to uncover the trends
Planes for rent
As demand for aircraft leasing continues to grow, Keith Mwanalushi looks more closely at the market and at how lease rates and values are shaping up
Editor's note – January 2018
Power trip
Engine leasing remains a popular activity, especially with some aircraft staying in service longer. Keith Mwanalushi analyses the market demand for mid-life engines
Q&A: At the leading edge - Anne-Bart Tieleman, TrueNoord
Anne-Bart founded GA-Finance in 2002, which became TrueNoord in 2016. He realised his ambition to create a company that combined his experience in financial management with his love of aviation, by creating GA-Finance in Amsterdam, having previously worked for Deutsche Bank.
The leasing paradigm
High oil prices saw demand for new fuel efficient aircraft reach record highs, but cheap oil is set to be around for a while. Keith Mwanalushi uncovers the impact this has on the leasing industry
Breaking the mould
Desire Lines is a new passenger cabin design concept from Zodiac Aerospace and creative agency New Territory
Power trip
From lease transactions to maintenance support, engine management is a crucial area for airlines. Keith Mwanalushi looks closer at the emerging trends in engine leasing and MRO
Tools of the trade
The use of pre-owned ground support equipment depends on the operational and financial outlook of the operator. Keith Mwanalushi examines the benefits of the GSE rental market and which types make the best candidates for second-hand use