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Editor's Comment
The Editorial Comment in the January 2019 issue looked at the opportunities and challenges presented by the long range of the Airbus A321LR. The manufacturer has just upped the ante with the A321XLR, which can push out to 4,700nm, with flight times around nine to ten hours. This makes passenger wellbeing even more of a priority, especially in high density configurations.
Hard and fast
Carpets are for comfort but some parts of the aircraft require tougher materials, hence the use of non-textile flooring (NTF). Ian Harbison reports
Walk on parts
But they still play an important role in the overall cabin appearance. Ian Harbison talks to David Sandiford from Mohawk Group
Covering the comfort levels
Aircraft furnishings are an often overlooked element of onboard comfort, but their quality and performance play a key role, as Bernie Baldwin discovers
Middle class comfort
Premium economy class seats are a relatively new way of improving the passenger experience on long haul aircraft. Mario Pierobon reports
A380 v.2
Singapore Airlines has introduced an extensive upgrade to its Airbus A380 cabin, as Ian Harbison reports
Designer’s notebook
Ian Harbison caught up with John Tighe, Design Director at JPA Design, to discuss some of the subtleties of the new Business Class cabin for Singapore Airlines, especially the Monocoque seat
Cabin insider
Inside Turkey
A visit to Turkish Technic provided an opportunity for Ian Harbison to check out TSI Aviation Seats and Turkish Cabin Interior
Bedtime story
It is a big jump from the bedroom to an aircraft cabin, but Octaspring technology promises increased comfort for passengers. Ian Harbison reports