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Editor's Comment
The Editorial Comment in the January 2019 issue looked at the opportunities and challenges presented by the long range of the Airbus A321LR. The manufacturer has just upped the ante with the A321XLR, which can push out to 4,700nm, with flight times around nine to ten hours. This makes passenger wellbeing even more of a priority, especially in high density configurations.
Safety first
New regulations and materials are constantly driving change in the development of the latest aircraft cabin and cargo hold safety equipment. Kerry Reals investigates
Breaking the mould
Desire Lines is a new passenger cabin design concept from Zodiac Aerospace and creative agency New Territory
Safety does it
Cabin safety is achieved through a range of equipment as specialised as ground-sensing evacuation slides or as basic as the humble first-aid kit. Regardless of the situation, however, well-trained crew are an operator’s most valuable cabin safety asset, as Paul E. Eden discovers
Emergency… emergency
Recent air incidents have put crisis management to the test. Some airlines have performed better than others, but when it comes to it, just how prepared are airlines for the worst? Ian Putzger analyses the strategies