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Editor's Comment
The Editorial Comment in the January 2019 issue looked at the opportunities and challenges presented by the long range of the Airbus A321LR. The manufacturer has just upped the ante with the A321XLR, which can push out to 4,700nm, with flight times around nine to ten hours. This makes passenger wellbeing even more of a priority, especially in high density configurations.
Cabin management systems
As the passenger environment becomes ever more complicated – lighting, IFE, connectivity, onboard sales – the cabin crew needs to take control. Mario Pierobon examines some of the options
All in the family
Breathe easy?
Yes you can, says Mario Pierobon, thanks to research that puts data before speculation
Safety underpinned
Cabin crew achieve cabin safety everyday through diligence and careful observation, preparing for emergency cabin evacuation by way of regular high-tech training, as Paul E Eden reports
Cabin service DNA
Cabin service without well-trained, professional crew is an impossibility. Paul E Eden spoke to KLM’s Wim Spelt and Emirates’ Catherine Baird, to learn how the two global airlines deliver their distinctive brands of service
ACMC 2016: easy does it
easyJet is running a major cabin conversion programme on its Airbus A320 fleet, featuring the Space-Flex v2 galley
Breathe easy
For the last 15 months, Ian Harbison has been travelling with a hygrometer and measuring relative humidity levels in a range of airlines, aircraft and seating classes
Space travel
Mario Pierobon reports how Airbus have maximised cabin space while attempting to minimise the effect on passenger comfort
Conference report
The second Cabin Refurbishment and Repair Conference 2016 was an outstanding success. Here are the highlights