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No strings attached
Alexis Hickox, Head of Global Business Development, Cabin Solutions at Collins Aerospace and Boeing’s Inflight Entertainment and Connectivity Strategy Lead, Bryan Wiltse, reveal the latest in cabin wifi and connectivity thinking, as Paul E Eden reports
Crash course
Training plays an important part in ensuring the safety of cabin operations, as Mario Pierobon finds
Hard and fast
Carpets are for comfort but some parts of the aircraft require tougher materials, hence the use of non-textile flooring (NTF). Ian Harbison reports
Walk on parts
But they still play an important role in the overall cabin appearance. Ian Harbison talks to David Sandiford from Mohawk Group
Packing them in
Diehl Aviation sees densification as a major trend and is developing new products to meet future demands
Bottom line
Increasing seat numbers in aircraft is a good way to drive down cost-per-seat, as easyJet has been successful in implementing for some time
Kind of blue
Launching a new cabin for a new airline produced challenges for AFI KLM E&M as Air France launched Joon, a new style of operation
Delivering material benefits
Seats are getting lighter and lighter, but they also have to be comfortable, or an airline’s reputation could be damaged. Bernie Baldwin reports on some recent developments which add value for both the passenger and the airline
Southern comfort
LATAM is about to begin an ambitious cabin reconfiguration programme across its widebody fleet. It has called on the services of PriestmanGoode to develop the concept. Ian Harbison investigates
Pump up the volume
Airlines like to add passengers, but passengers bring baggage and need equipment to look after them, placing greater demands on internal space, as Ian Harbison finds